How I can help

Hello. I provide writing services that help you achieve the results you want, delivering compelling and clear, benefit-focused writing in language your customers understand. 

I work with clients large and small, in both public and private sectors, providing marketing advice, design management, copywriting or proofreading for printed and digital communications, as well as for bids.

You’ll find that I am cost-effective, because I work fast and am good at quickly understanding what you need.

I work with bid managers and subject matter experts to present clear, well-structured responses that help persuade evaluators that you deserve the contract. I work with SMEs to develop proposals or edit author’s drafts to present well-written responses that are clear and consistent. I help structure responses, address ‘hot buttons’, promote ‘win themes’ and communicate often-complex arguments in a logical and convincing way. My project management experience is invaluable in working with different people to get results — often under considerable time pressure.

Online writing needs to grab readers’ attention — and keep it. While good search engine optimisation may attract people, they will click away the moment they lose interest. I will help keep them reading with concise and well-structured writing that makes your point quickly and clearly. Good writing is good writing, whatever the medium. 

I will help you with copywriting for corporate brochures, promotional publications, technical manuals, annual reports, advertisements, stationery and brand guidelines. My design, marketing and advertising experience is particularly useful in tailoring messages that get the required response from readers 

Poor grammar, misspelling and bad syntax looks unprofessional at best, and at worst can confuse or put off your readers. I will save you the embarrassment of making such mistakes and avoid the cost of expensive reprints. I will provide a full edit or just a ‘sense check’.